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Challenge #7 [The Pikes] - "No Place Like Home"; Challenge #8 [revenge] - "Stacey's Revenge"

I really like this community, I hope that it gets active again. I've decided to try to do my part, so I'm working on catching up on the four drabbles I didn't do. Here are two for now, I hope you like them, and I hope we can get more participation! :)

Title: No Place Like Home
Characters: Mallory and her family
Challenge: The Pikes
Word Count: 100

Even though it was summer, Riverbend had sent homework home with Mallory. Sitting at her desk, she found she couldn't concentrate on account of the noise echoing through the house.

"Ordan-jay, Yron-bay, oo-day ou-yay uys-gay ant-way oo-tay oh-gay own-day airs-stay?"
"Just one second.. BBBBZZZZZZZZZ!"
"Mom! Jordan just gave me the Bizzer sign!"
"Jordan, be nice to your brother."
"He started it."
"As Margo blows a bubble, stinky triplets get in trouble."
"Margo, no blowing bubbles in the house!"
"Daggles, silly-billy-goo-goo, she's blowing them in her milk!"

Mallory smiled and left her door open. There was no place like home.

Title: Stacey's Revenge
Characters: Stacey
Challenge: Revenge
Word Count: 100

Stacey moved back to New York just before eleventh grade started. She had drifted apart from her old friends, the reason she had stayed in Stoneybrook in the first place.

It was awkward at first, however the years had been good to everyone. Her old friends were able to apologise, and Stacey was able to forgive. Forgetting was another story.

On a weekend when her father and his wife were away, Stacey had a huge party, allowing her too-drunk friends to sleep over. Some stragically placed bowls of warm water and a camera was all Stacey needed for her revenge.
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