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Challenge #12- Boys of the BSC

Title: The Return to Sea City
Author: Geni
Rating: G
Pairings/characters: Alex, MA/L
Summary: "Of all the ice cream parlors in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

Sea City hadn’t changed a bit in the years since I had been there. The beaches were still as beautiful as ever. The only thing that was really different was that she wasn’t there.

Looking around Ice-Cream Palace, I caught sight of a familiar face. I was shocked to find Mary Anne walking alongside a blonde man. A little girl of about four with the curly brown pigtails held hands with a little boy of about two with sandy blonde hair.

I turned away, silently grasping the ring hidden underneath my shirt on a chain. My fingers grazed the engraving. M.A.S

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Oi, that's heartbreaking.
Poor Alex. Unrequited love, le sigh.
This is great stuff!! It's nice to see an Alex who hasn't blown the entire Mary Anne incident off!!
Aww :-(
That was so sad.
So sad! I always liked Alex but I am also a fan of Logan (i know, i know) :)
don't worry. I'm a total Mary Anne and Logan shipper. I've always wondered what would have happened if Alex returned.

God I forgot about this community. shame on me!