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Drabbles for an old challenge (#7 - the Pikes)

Title: Ice
Rating: G
Characters: Dee (Bennett) Pike
Author's Notes: A few weeks ago, I started to flesh out Mrs. Pike's background while trying to stick to strict 100-word drabbles. Don't know if I'll continue, but hey. Sharing is caring, right?

Jordan Bennett dies when he is sixteen. He walks home from school, cuts across the frozen pond, crack crack and he's gone.

He's alone, but later his little sister, Dee, can picture him, mouth opening and closing in surprise, like a fish.

It snows the day he's buried. The priest makes the blessing, their father sobs uncontrollably into his hands, their mother stares, eyes watery and distant. Dee squeezes her sister Lucinda's hand, warm and solid in her own.

'I will never have children,' Dee vows, watching the casket being lowered into the ground. 'They only break your heart.'

Title: Noise
Rating: G
Characters: Dee (Bennett) Pike

When the time comes, Dee goes to college out of state. She's the oldest now, and the family needs her, but she can't, won't, feel guilty for leaving the silent, echoing house where the only game the kids can play is Don't Disturb Mother.

As she, her father, and her brother Frank start carrying the boxes into the dorm, it's like walking into a wall of solid noise - talking, laughing, screaming, crying. Just like how it used to be before their home became a shrine to Jordan's memory.

She smiles slowly and falls in love for the first time.
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