Moose Girl (danelover18) wrote in bsc100,
Moose Girl

Challenge #12

Title:  Quiet Andrew
Rating: General
Characters: Andrew Brewer/ The Three Musketeers
Author's Notes:  First time I've ever done ANYTHING like this and if its bad, I blame it on the fact that I needed something to keep me awake (read all 3 Super Specials that I brought with me), I've been working 11 straight hours with 5 more to go.  I've wandered over from babysittersclub.

Andrew was curled up in the overstuffed chair reading.  The smell of the library always made him feel close to his dad, even now as Watson was away in London on business.  He smiled a bit and dove back into his book.  Andrew had just reached the exciting part when Karen, Nancy, and Hannie (The Three Musketeers, or Mouthketeers as everyone else called them) came running into the room like hummingbirds on a bad sugar rush.  Andrew, quiet Andrew who always followed in his sister’s shadow, looked at the girls and said, “Will you three shut the hell up already!?”

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