Moose Girl (danelover18) wrote in bsc100,
Moose Girl

Challenge #10 Drabble

Title:  Pure Breed
Rating: Meh, whatever you feel like
Characters: The Kilbourne Women
Author's Notes:  I wrote this last weekend when I was on a major BSC kick (still am, lol) and since Mrs. Kilbourne is getting hardcore slamed over in (Most Likely to Succeed- which is amazing), I wanted to bring back the Mrs. K we get a glimse of in the series.

Challenge #10:  The Kilbournes


“Mom?! Mommy! Astrid’s been hit by a car!  Astrid’s dead, she isn’t moving at all!”  Mrs. Kilbourne ran from the office to see a hysterical Maria just as Shannon and Tiffany pounded down the stairs.  Together the women sprinted outside to the beloved dog that lay in the street.


Hours later, Maria lay curled in a ball clutching a picture of Astrid to her chest.  Her face was streaked and her eyes were red from crying.  One story below Mrs. Kilbourne mimicked her daughter’s pose as she comforted the dog that was in so much pain but very much alive.


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