In the wilderness... (nerdtchose) wrote in bsc100,
In the wilderness...

Challenge #7

Title: Patience
Words: 101
Rating: Mature
Characters: Mallory, Vanessa, and their parents.
Author's Notes: I find it slightly disturbing that this story popped out of nowhere as I was working. (Note, I work in a bookstore.)

It happened every night around eleven. Mallory Pike lay awake in her bed, listening. She had tried to to turn deaf by the sole power of her mind but it never worked. She turned on her side. Vanessa was awake as well, and chuckling. Vanessa was younger. She didn't understand what was going on.

Together, the sisters listened.

It always began the same way: small moans, like a dog panting. Then came the grunting. And the final "Oh my God, John, yes!"

The next morning, when Claire spilled her milk, Dee merely wiped the mess and smiled. And Mallory knew why.
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