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Challenge # 7 [21 Dec 2006|06:00pm]

Title: Finally alone
Characters: Nicky and the triplets
Author's Notes: My first drabble

I couldn't believe it, the day has finally arrived. I watched my crying mom kissed the triplets goodbye, as they left for Stoneybrook University. Soon after they left I headed to my room. Yes, my own room, after 16 years, it was finally mine. No more sharing, or fighting and I'll finally have more space and freedom. As I entered my room, I pulled out something from under my bed. It was an older photograph of the four of us happily together while on vacation. As a tear rolled down my face, I realized that I would miss them.
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Challenge #7 [27 Aug 2006|09:19pm]

Title: Patience
Words: 101
Rating: Mature
Characters: Mallory, Vanessa, and their parents.
Author's Notes: I find it slightly disturbing that this story popped out of nowhere as I was working. (Note, I work in a bookstore.)

Cut for mature situationsCollapse )
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Challenge #10 Drabble [25 Aug 2006|09:57pm]


Title:  Pure Breed
Rating: Meh, whatever you feel like
Characters: The Kilbourne Women
Author's Notes:  I wrote this last weekend when I was on a major BSC kick (still am, lol) and since Mrs. Kilbourne is getting hardcore slamed over in FF.net (Most Likely to Succeed- which is amazing), I wanted to bring back the Mrs. K we get a glimse of in the series.

Challenge #10:  The Kilbournes


“Mom?! Mommy! Astrid’s been hit by a car!  Astrid’s dead, she isn’t moving at all!”  Mrs. Kilbourne ran from the office to see a hysterical Maria just as Shannon and Tiffany pounded down the stairs.  Together the women sprinted outside to the beloved dog that lay in the street.


Hours later, Maria lay curled in a ball clutching a picture of Astrid to her chest.  Her face was streaked and her eyes were red from crying.  One story below Mrs. Kilbourne mimicked her daughter’s pose as she comforted the dog that was in so much pain but very much alive.


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Challenge #12 [20 Aug 2006|09:47am]


Title:  Quiet Andrew
Rating: General
Characters: Andrew Brewer/ The Three Musketeers
Author's Notes:  First time I've ever done ANYTHING like this and if its bad, I blame it on the fact that I needed something to keep me awake (read all 3 Super Specials that I brought with me), I've been working 11 straight hours with 5 more to go.  I've wandered over from babysittersclub.

Andrew was curled up in the overstuffed chair reading.  The smell of the library always made him feel close to his dad, even now as Watson was away in London on business.  He smiled a bit and dove back into his book.  Andrew had just reached the exciting part when Karen, Nancy, and Hannie (The Three Musketeers, or Mouthketeers as everyone else called them) came running into the room like hummingbirds on a bad sugar rush.  Andrew, quiet Andrew who always followed in his sister’s shadow, looked at the girls and said, “Will you three shut the hell up already!?”

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[10 Aug 2006|11:04am]

Title: Welcome back, Dawn. Again.
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Dawn and the rest of the gang.
Author's Notes: Just got the idea this morning and thought I would liven up this old place.

I couldn't wait to surprise everyone at the BSC meeting. I was back in Stoneybrook! Mary Anne told me she didn't think our friends would be too surprised. I think she's getting immature from hanging with Kristy.

Wearing my California best, I raced to Claudia's house. When I arrived I ran right up the stairs, threw open the door, and waited to bask in their excitement.

Everyone stared. Then started to groan and toss money at Kristy.

“Told ya she would be back in 3 weeks!” she crooned.

“Double or nothing!” challenged Claudia. “She’ll run back to California in two.”
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Hello? [22 Jun 2006|10:16pm]

I really wish this community would start up again...

I guess it's dead though...

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Drabbles for an old challenge (#7 - the Pikes) [09 Feb 2006|04:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Title: Ice
Rating: G
Characters: Dee (Bennett) Pike
Author's Notes: A few weeks ago, I started to flesh out Mrs. Pike's background while trying to stick to strict 100-word drabbles. Don't know if I'll continue, but hey. Sharing is caring, right?

Jordan Bennett dies when he is sixteen. He walks home from school, cuts across the frozen pond, crack crack and he's gone.

He's alone, but later his little sister, Dee, can picture him, mouth opening and closing in surprise, like a fish.

It snows the day he's buried. The priest makes the blessing, their father sobs uncontrollably into his hands, their mother stares, eyes watery and distant. Dee squeezes her sister Lucinda's hand, warm and solid in her own.

'I will never have children,' Dee vows, watching the casket being lowered into the ground. 'They only break your heart.'

Title: Noise
Rating: G
Characters: Dee (Bennett) Pike

When the time comes, Dee goes to college out of state. She's the oldest now, and the family needs her, but she can't, won't, feel guilty for leaving the silent, echoing house where the only game the kids can play is Don't Disturb Mother.

As she, her father, and her brother Frank start carrying the boxes into the dorm, it's like walking into a wall of solid noise - talking, laughing, screaming, crying. Just like how it used to be before their home became a shrine to Jordan's memory.

She smiles slowly and falls in love for the first time.

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[17 Oct 2005|02:24pm]

I know we're all busy, but I'd love to see this community start up yet again. babysit, one of the RPGs that some of us here were involved with for some while, recently ended, so I for one would enjoy having a space on LJ to keep up with my creative writing in small doses. Maybe the idea of keeping with an every other week challenge would work, even if we're all pretty busy?
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Challenge 12 [08 Jul 2005|10:59pm]

Title: The Limit
Rating: General
Characters/Pairings: Charlie - and the BSC
Author's Notes: Not my best drabble...

"The Perkinses were so adorable last night, they dressed up as princesses and sang all the songs they..." Kristy was saying.

"I can't believe that you're using this old car to drive us to the mall," Dawn interrupted. "It's ruining the environment."

"And then Pete pulled on her bra strap..." Stacey told Claudia at the same time, which made Mallory and Jessi giggle helplessly.

Charlie parked the car. Silence fell.

"THAT'S IT! I quit! Find yourself another chauffeur, I can't endure one more minute of this!"

They climbed out of the car. With a satisfied smile, he drove back home.
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Challenge #12- Boys of the BSC [09 Jul 2005|12:30pm]

Title: N/A
Author: Kristen
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Pairings/characters: Ricky Torres
Summary: Ricky's life, 20 years in the future.
Notes: I've never done this before in my life. But it looked like fun. Be kind ;)

Richard Torres hummed to himself as he walked up his driveway. He was in a fantastic mood - he had just been promoted at his job at Stoneybrook Advertising. He opened his door, strolled into his comfortable lounge room - and frowned. Something was wrong. He noticed a light on in his kitchen and his heart sank. Not again...

Karen came bounding out of the kitchen holding a casserole. "Hi honey, how was work?" she beamed. Richard sighed. She must have rummaged outside to find his spare key. Again. If only she hadn't taken their second grade vows so seriously.
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Challenge #12- Boys of the BSC [07 Jul 2005|05:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: The Return to Sea City
Author: Geni
Rating: G
Pairings/characters: Alex, MA/L
Summary: "Of all the ice cream parlors in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

Alex remembersCollapse )

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Challenge #12 [boys of the BSC] - "His Secret Identity" [07 Jul 2005|04:02pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Title: His Secret Identity
Characters: Alan Gray [no Abby though. :(]
Challenge: Boys of the BSC
Word Count: 100

Alan Gray pulled his cap low over his eyes. Trying not to look suspicious, he turned up his collar and ducked his head as he hurried down the street. When he heard some guys on bikes approaching, he quickly ducked beside a car, not daring to breathe until their laughter faded. He ran up Claudia's driveway and rang the doorbell. After being let in and running up the stairs, he opened the bedroom door to be greeted by a scowl.

"You're three minutes late," Kristy scolded. Alan shrugged and took his usual seat at Claud's desk, and then the meeting started.

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Challenge #12 [05 Jul 2005|12:03am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

New Challenge! Boys of the BSC. Drabbles should focus on, or be from the point of view of the BSC/CD/etc. spinoff guys.

Go for it!

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Posting an old challenge for #7 - The Pikes [04 Jul 2005|04:25pm]

Title: Family Ties
Characters: NPCs
Challenge: The Pikes
Word Count: 100
Credit: To chicken_queen for reminding me of silly-billy-goo-goo and Mallory Shakespeare.
Notes: Must know BSC's European Vacation to get it. :)

In the buried vault lay a rusted manuscript, covered in layers of dust. Gently and slowly, the eager team of historians and archeologists retrieved the manuscript, their hearts pounding in their chest. They had discovered a piece of work that would change the course of literature forever – one of William Shakespeare's long-lost plays.

When the manuscript was transported to a laboratory for safety, the team awaited patiently to flip through the pages and read the marvelous and hidden work. As they turned to the first page, written in faded by legible ink read the title of Shakespeare's long-lost play – Silly-Billy-Goo-Goo.
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Challenge #1 [New Clients] - So Much More Mature [03 Jul 2005|05:02pm]

This might drive people up the wall, but I thought that since I haven't done any of the challenges, I might as well try them from the beginning. If this bugs anybody, let me know. This is my first drabble of any sort. Bear that in mind.

Title: So Much More Mature
Character: Claudia Kishi
Word Count: 100

The Baby-sitters Club doesn’t sit for many newborns, not even now that we’re fifteen and so much more mature than we used to be, but CeCe’s mother and grandmother trust me unconditionally. I’m not that interested in sitting for infants, because usually they cry all night, but CeCe is a solid sleeper. Her mom is lucky. Tuesday night was my first time sitting for CeCe, and it was uneventful.

"How was she, Claud?" CeCe’s mom asked as soon as she walked in the door.

"Good as gold, Stace," I answered truthfully, as Claudia Charlotte McGill slumbered peacefully in her bassinette.
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Challenge #7 [The Pikes] - "No Place Like Home"; Challenge #8 [revenge] - "Stacey's Revenge" [02 Jul 2005|12:16am]

[ mood | busy ]

I really like this community, I hope that it gets active again. I've decided to try to do my part, so I'm working on catching up on the four drabbles I didn't do. Here are two for now, I hope you like them, and I hope we can get more participation! :)

Title: No Place Like Home
Characters: Mallory and her family
Challenge: The Pikes
Word Count: 100

Challenge #7 [The Pikes] - 'No Place Like Home'Collapse )

Title: Stacey's Revenge
Characters: Stacey
Challenge: Revenge
Word Count: 100

Challenge #8 [revenge] - 'Stacey's Revenge'Collapse )

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Challenge #11 [Camp Mohawk] - "Love-bunny Returns" [01 Jul 2005|04:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Love-bunny Returns
Characters: Mary Anne
Challenge: Camp Mohawk
Word Count: 100

She stood on the porch of her cabin, with flashlight in hand and love note tucked safely in her pocket. She sighed.

Ignoring the many sounds that made Lake Dekanawida scarier by night than by day, she started her way along the too-familiar path. Her first year she made it halfway around the lake. Last year, two-thirds of the way. She wondered if this was the year she accomplished her goal.

It wasn't. Around the same spot as the year prior, a beam of light trapped her. "Mary Anne?" Connie called, taking the letter being held out to her. "Welcome back."

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My first challenge.... Be nice! [17 Jun 2005|10:30pm]

Challenge #11 : Camp Mohawk

Title : Learning the ropes
Characters: Mallory and the Pikes
Word Count: 98

Sixteen suitcases to pack, fifteen items forgotten on the beds, fourteen “last” kisses to give, thirteen “How long until we get there?” heard, twelve fights to referee, eleven poems on Camp Mohawk, ten lunches eaten on the way, nine false alarms of “I don’t feel well”, eight Tylenols popped along the way, seven excited kids, six asking for ice cream, five stupid songs sang, four tantrums thrown, three boys picking on their brother, two little sisters crying and one big to oversee all of that.

It was a wonder Mallory was still mad about not being a CIT.
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Reviving BSC100 [17 Jun 2005|12:39am]

[ mood | sore ]

Okay, so bsc100 has slightly died. So I figured, with summer, and all of the high school/college folk are out of school, finals are over, there are no more excuses. :-) Now, I figured we'd have bi-weekly challenges. So you have longer time to write and it's a bit easier for y'all.

So the challenge for the next two weeks is: Camp Mohawk whether they be there, or talking about it, or whatever. Go for it!

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Hello? [31 May 2005|09:31pm]

Hey, what happened to this community? I'd love to write BSC drabbles, but it seems like things are pretty dead. I had some ideas for challenges, which I forgot, but I could be able to come up with new ones.

Yeah, I joined even if it looked dead. I know you guys are alive and well. Care to welcome me?
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