In the wilderness... (nerdtchose) wrote in bsc100,
In the wilderness...

My first challenge.... Be nice!

Challenge #11 : Camp Mohawk

Title : Learning the ropes
Characters: Mallory and the Pikes
Word Count: 98

Sixteen suitcases to pack, fifteen items forgotten on the beds, fourteen “last” kisses to give, thirteen “How long until we get there?” heard, twelve fights to referee, eleven poems on Camp Mohawk, ten lunches eaten on the way, nine false alarms of “I don’t feel well”, eight Tylenols popped along the way, seven excited kids, six asking for ice cream, five stupid songs sang, four tantrums thrown, three boys picking on their brother, two little sisters crying and one big to oversee all of that.

It was a wonder Mallory was still mad about not being a CIT.
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I love this drabble so much that I feel far too intimidated to try this challenge myself. Maybe I'll do what chicken_queen's doing at the moment and just do some of the earlier challenges...
Great drabble.