Adri (wanderingfrog) wrote in bsc100,

Challenge #1 [New Clients] - So Much More Mature

This might drive people up the wall, but I thought that since I haven't done any of the challenges, I might as well try them from the beginning. If this bugs anybody, let me know. This is my first drabble of any sort. Bear that in mind.

Title: So Much More Mature
Character: Claudia Kishi
Word Count: 100

The Baby-sitters Club doesn’t sit for many newborns, not even now that we’re fifteen and so much more mature than we used to be, but CeCe’s mother and grandmother trust me unconditionally. I’m not that interested in sitting for infants, because usually they cry all night, but CeCe is a solid sleeper. Her mom is lucky. Tuesday night was my first time sitting for CeCe, and it was uneventful.

"How was she, Claud?" CeCe’s mom asked as soon as she walked in the door.

"Good as gold, Stace," I answered truthfully, as Claudia Charlotte McGill slumbered peacefully in her bassinette.
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