Gozzie Kunka (gozzie_kunka) wrote in bsc100,
Gozzie Kunka

Posting an old challenge for #7 - The Pikes

Title: Family Ties
Characters: NPCs
Challenge: The Pikes
Word Count: 100
Credit: To chicken_queen for reminding me of silly-billy-goo-goo and Mallory Shakespeare.
Notes: Must know BSC's European Vacation to get it. :)

In the buried vault lay a rusted manuscript, covered in layers of dust. Gently and slowly, the eager team of historians and archeologists retrieved the manuscript, their hearts pounding in their chest. They had discovered a piece of work that would change the course of literature forever – one of William Shakespeare's long-lost plays.

When the manuscript was transported to a laboratory for safety, the team awaited patiently to flip through the pages and read the marvelous and hidden work. As they turned to the first page, written in faded by legible ink read the title of Shakespeare's long-lost play – Silly-Billy-Goo-Goo.
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