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Babysitter's Club 100
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Like any other "100" community, take that week's challenge and write a 100 word drabble. The challenges will be issued on Tuesdays.

Simple Rules
1. Drabbles must be 100 words. I know that sometimes you have a drabble that doesn't fit into 100 words, and the cut version just doesn't work as well, but it's a 100 community. (For validation on you word count see Word Peddler.
2. Stay with the challenge. You can suggest themes for future challenges, but until that challenge comes up, stay with the one issued.
3. More than two drabbles need to be under a cut.
4. Drabbles don't need to be rated unless you would consider it R or NC-17, and those need to be notedly rated and under a cut no matter how many drabbles you have.
5. Unless otherwise noted, you can involve any character from any of the books, including spin-offs.
6. This community is slash friendly. If you have a problem with slash, or the occasional slash drabble, just overlook it.
7. When posting, make sure to put a header on each drabble, with something similiar to this:
Rating: (if applicable)
Author's Notes:

Also, have fun!